CakeHR’s A-Z HR Gurus for Q2 2018: Current Experts in Human Resources [Infographic]

Q2 2018 crept up on us fast and there’s a lot to keep up with in the world of HR. So we’re back again to take a look at which HR Gurus we believe you should follow for a competitive advantage!

I’m sure you’ll all agree that 2018 has seen exciting developments take place in the Human Resources sector.

Companies across the globe continue the search to transform their workforce with alternative, innovative methods and this year it’s clear that leaders are taking a closer look at the ‘talent experience’ as an attraction and retention strategy.

Data from research indicates that the strategy to focus on the talent experience is a priority for 2018 and employers rightfully believe that technology will be a crucial factor in its success, with 51 per cent of businesses increasing their investments in tech to improve the talent experience and 46 per cent increasing tech investments to boost the candidate experience.

But what has that got to do with our HR Guru lists?

Well, we believe that our lists of HR Gurus will collectively lead you to the right resources and guidance needed to keep up to date with the latest trends in HR, as you can see and hear for yourself how they are implementing these strategies to support their own organizations.

Unlike our previous A-Z lists, there is no specific theme to be identified within our HR Gurus this quarter by way of where they are located or what they specialize in.

In fact, our experts in human resources in Q2 2018 can be found in Latvia, Portugal, Netherlands, Croatia, Denmark, China, US and the UK and are sharing the latest HR trends in organizational development, change management, coaching and leadership nurturing and use of new HR technology such as Blockchain and AI – all of which will contribute to the whole talent experience.

These HR Gurus are considered experts in the field of Human Resources for good reason!  Inclusive of transformational experts, professors researching sustainable ways to achieve a competitive advantage, blockchain enthusiasts looking at the implications of introducing blockchain to HR and big data fanatics who are making improvements through system evolution and analytical data to give fact-based advisory and insights into business challenges…  There’s much to learn from our list of HR Gurus this quarter.

Creating a positive work environment should always be a goal, but as the economy continues to improve and as the labor market continues to put candidates squarely in the driver’s seat, it’s more important than ever for employers to hold up their end of the bargain

As always, we have included links to our HR Gurus LinkedIn profiles so you can see which articles they are liking, publications they are reading, companies they are inspired by and insights they are sharing.

You may even be lucky enough to see some of these influencers as key speakers at global HR events!

So whilst there’s no doubt that HR is evolving rapidly and technology is playing a critical role in the current talent experience strategy, the human element is just as important (actually, more so) which is why having access to the advice and guidance of our HR Gurus will allow you to follow their journeys during these ground-breaking times.

CakeHR’s A-Z HR Gurus for Q2 2018: Current Experts in Human Resources infographic
CakeHR’s A-Z HR Gurus for Q2 2018: Current Experts in Human Resources infographic
 Linkedin logo Jeanne Achille, Tech PR & Marketing Expert | Women in HR Tech Conference Chair | Business Strategist | Speaker 
 Linkedin logo John Boudreau, Professor and Research Director, University of Southern California 
 Linkedin logo Vítor Carvalho, Executive Director at APG – Portuguese Association of People Management 
 Linkedin logo Lloyd D’Castro, Employee Assistance Program | Organisational Development Specialist | Change Management | Executive Coaching | Perth 
 Linkedin logo Ita Eglite, Recruitment and Training specialist at Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital 
 Linkedin logo Gordana Frgačić, HR Director at Pevec and Author 
 Linkedin logo Claire Gannon, VP Human Resources, EMEA at Vertiv Co 
 Linkedin logo Roos Hijner, HR Advies & Onderwijs | Verbinden | Leven Lang Leren | Psychologie van Arbeid & Gezondheid 
 Linkedin logo Sehrish I., Senior HR Manager at Procter & Gamble 
 Linkedin logo Leon Jiang, SAP China HR Solution Director 
 Linkedin logo Søren Kold, People Analytics expert helping businesses move forward through insights into their workforce 
 Linkedin logo Irena Leonenko, Executive Director of Latvian Association for People Management 
 Linkedin logo Aco Momcilovic, Crypto Enthusiast / Trader / ICO Investor and Advisor (; 
 Linkedin logo David Nevogt, Co-Founder at 
 Linkedin logo Liene Ozolkāja, HR Consulting, Career Advisory 
 Linkedin logo Frida Polli, CEO and co-founder of pymetrics 
 Linkedin logo Fatima Qadeer, HR Business Leader at 
 Linkedin logo Frank Roebroek, Independent consultant and Senior Partner at HR Trend Institute 
 Linkedin logo Mark Spears, Global Head of the People & Change Centre of Excellence and Global Head of Management Consulting Capabilities at KPMG 
 Linkedin logo Terje Tiiman, Delivering Happiness as HR Manager at Omniva 
 Linkedin logo Dave Ulrich, Speaker, Author, Professor, Thought Partner on HR, Leadership, and Organization 
 Linkedin logo Marina Volkova, HR Business partner – airBaltic 
 Linkedin logo Lucas Van Wees, Member of the Board Metropool Area of Amsterdam bij VNO-NCW West 
 Linkedin logo Ji Xiaomei, HR manager at Salmon 
 Linkedin logo Holly Yuan, VP, Chief Operating Officer of SAP Labs China, Head of Venture Labs China 
 Linkedin logo Agata Zasada (MBA, CPHR), People & Culture @ Spence Diamonds 


Is there anyone you think should be included on our HR Guru list?  If so, we would love to know who and find out why, so leave us a comment below!