How Strong Is Your HR Game? Take the HR Quiz to Find Out Your True HR Personality!

Take the quiz to find out your true HR personality! Fancy yourself as the next big Human Resources virtuoso? Let’s see shall we? Take this 13-question quiz to find out where you rank on a scale of HR Black Belt to Industry Pariah.   Start the quiz NOW! 👉     The Imposter Dudley McDudface Okay I’m gonna have to ask you to stop right there, turn around, and go straight back to the career drawing board because human resource...

8 Fun Employee Survey Ideas

Do you sometimes wonder if you are a good boss? Are your employees happy to come to work every morning? Do they realize their full professional potential? Stop wondering - ask them directly! Forget about long and tedious official questionnaires - here are some ideas for fun and original surveys to motivate and inspire your team while giving you valuable insight.
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